About Me and My Work...


I have learned a few things along this journey that is my life - everyone has a calling, a purpose, and a passion in life.  My calling was to become a nurse.  I am a caretaker. I want to make everyone comfortable to make them feel good.  My calling spills over into my purpose, to become a mother.  I always knew that being a Mom would be the most important thing I would ever do.  Taking care of my family is my top priority.  My children are the light of my life.  With the birth of my first child, I discovered my passion - photography. 


Photography had been a long time interest, but I didn't realize my passion until I began photographing my baby.  My calling, my purpose, and my passion are intertwined.  Having been a maternal/neonatal nurse for 10 years explains my affinity for doing maternity and newborn portraiture.  I believe that my education as a newborn developmental specialist assists me greatly in helping babies feel comfortable in my hands.  When a person is comfortable and relaxed, no matter how small they are, their true self emerges.  I prefer to photograph everyone in their 'comfort zone', be that your home or a familiar location.  I am not always looking for the 'say cheese' smile - some of my favorite images are of 'deep thought' moments.  My goal for every session is to evoke emotion in the viewer - sometimes laughter, sometimes tears.  I hope that every image I create captures the moment, the magic, and the miracle that is life.


Please contact me by phone at 480.515.3282, or by email natasha@capturebynatasha.com .


About the Session...


The time

I have no predetermined length of time for my sessions - they last as long as they need to (typically 1-2 hours).  I strive to create a fun and relaxed environment for everyone involved.  I am a mother, so I understand (and expect) children to need breaks - be it a diaper change, a snack, or even a little play time to blow off some extra energy.


The wardrobe

This is really dependent on the type of session you are scheduling.  For maternity sessions, I recommend black and white combinations - but encourage additional items of color.  For newborns and infants, less is definitely more - bare babies are best!  For older children, denim, khaki, and bold colors work great.  Accessories are fun on everyone!  I do recommend minimizing overwhelming patterns and logos, you want to capture the moment, not the clothing.  Have a variety of options ready, and together we can choose what is best!


The schedule

It is best to book your session as soon as possible.  For maternity sessions, I recommend between 34 and 36 weeks.  For newborns, within the first 2 weeks of life is best for capturing the newborn appearance - it disappears very quickly!  You may want to schedule your newborn session based on your due date and we can make adjustments if necessary.


The proofs

I will have your session images available for viewing online within 2 weeks of your session (unless I notify you otherwise).  I will send you login information via email when it is ready.  Please share your online gallery with family and friends!  Your Proofing Gallery will be available for one week.  Please be prepared to make any ordering decisions within this time period, as there is a fee for additional gallery time, space permitting.



About the Investment...


The session fee is $150*; this is for my time and talent only.  This is due prior to the start of the session. 


Individual prints start at $15*, please inquire for more pricing information.


I created these collections with my clients in mind, I thought this would simplify the ordering process, at least giving you a place to start.  It can be so overwhelming trying to choose!  You are not limited to a single image with the purchase of a collection, you may use any combination of images from your proofing gallery.  With the purchase of a collection, you will also receive a discount on any a la carte prints you choose to add - including specialty items, such as Fine Art Canvases.   A DVD slideshow of your session images is included in all orders totaling $1000 or more, or can be purchased with a minimum order.


The Marvelous Collection  $375*


            1          11x14

2          8x10

            10        5x7

            2          wallet sheets (8 per sheet, 1 image per sheet)

            1          mini collage


Total Price a la carte $440, a $65 savings!



The Fabulous Collection  $625*


            1          11x14

            3          8x10

            10        5x7

            3          wallet sheets (8 per sheet, 1 image per sheet)

            2          mini collage

            1          large collage


Total Price a la carte $735, a $110 savings! 


The Stupendous Collection  $945*

            1          16x20

2          11x14

            4          8x10

            3          wallet sheets (8 per sheet, 1 image per sheet)

            2          mini collage

            1          large collage

            1          session album (includes 20 5x7)


Total Price a la carte $1145, a $200 savings!



The Miraculous Collection  $1250*


            1          maternity session

            1          newborn session

            2          session albums

            1          DVD slideshow  (including images from both sessions)

            1          11x14

            2          8x10

            3          wallet sheets (8 per sheet, 1 image per sheet)

            1          large collage

            30        birth announcements


Total price a la carte $1525, a $275 savings!


Due to the custom nature of my work, I cannot offer refunds or any changes after an order has been processed.  I strive to provide a unique and high quality experience.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your session images, please notify me immediately so that we can discuss the solution.


*All prices and collections are subject to change...price at time of booking will be honored for initial order.